Natural Stone Boulders

Trap Gun Metal Gray

  • Dark blue/gray with shades of dark green and red
  • 8" - 48" in size

Weathered Lime Boulder / Ledge

  • Light buff to cream to dark gray in color
  • This stone works well in water features, outcropping, boulder walls, accent boulders & japanese gardens

Royal Gorge

  • Pink with white quartz and mica all mingled together
  • Small, medium & large available


  • Volcanic rock, light gray to dark gray in color, Very porous and light weight
  • 18"-30" in size


  • Colors of red, blue, white and gray
  • These rounded cobblers 12"-18" in size are great for water features, dry stream beds or as a ground cover

Weathered Granite

  • Light red or pink in color with some lichens
  • Irregular shapes range in sizes from 12"-36" Small, medium or large
  • Larger sizes available

Glacier Boulder

  • Glacier/ Pinks, whites, grays, multi colored, smooth and round
  • 12"-18" or 18" - 24" in size
  • Larger sizes available

Canadian Cobbler

  • Canadian/ Multi-colored pinks, whites & grays
  • Round granite cobbles in 4"-8" sizes


  • Rust color with sponge like holes
  • Contains quartzite crystal deposits around holes in boulders


  • Red, burgundy and black blend in sizes from 15" to 24"
  • Very light in weight

Holey Limestone Boulder / Ledge

  • Buff limestone with a tinge of rust color with holes
  • Available in round, flat & chunky. Small, medium or large sizes

Black Ice Boulder

  • Black Obsidian 98% volcanic glass, black in color
  • 14-24" diameters

Misty Green Boulder

  • Light mint green in color. 14-24" diameters

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