Natural Stone Ledge Rock

Holey Limestone Boulder / Ledge

  • White limestone with a tinge of rust color with holes
  • Available in round, flat & chunky
  • Small, Medium or large

Weathered Lime Boulder / Ledge

  • Light buff or cream to dark gray in color
  • Can be mossy with lichens

Kirkwood Gold Ledge

  • A Missouri limestone that has earth tone colors of gold & copper w/some gray
  • Flat stackable ledge rock that is available in 6" - 8 " & 12" - 15"
  • Larger sizes available that can be used for outcropping and accents boulders.

Eden Ledge Stone Wall

  • Wisconsin limestone with buff or cream to light gray in color
  • Stackable ledge rock that is available in 8" - 10"

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